Benefits of Long Term Project Based Learning

It was 1966, and an idealistic group of doctors thought there was a better way to both teach and learn medicine. These were the founding fathers of McMasters Medical School and Problem-Based Learning (PBL) . The goals of the McMaster’s programme were to focus on the individual rather than rote memorization and regurgitation of facts. High value was placed on the student’s ability to read and analyse data, recognise and define problems, and look for solutions.

This, as you can tell, is the exactly what we strive to do in homeschool curriculums. In homeschools we have the flexibility to deep dive into various interests while exploring the what-ifs that come up.

The most valuable?

Well, that’s building a wide variety of skills that can be used to apply to solutions to any problem.

Benefits of PBL in homeschool

If you’ve never heard of project based learning, you’re in for a treat. The student comes up with a question, and is encouraged to drill down into it. Then, they are encouraged to make a creative project that will either solve a problem or just teach the world what they learnt. During the process they learn skills, follow their interests, and become lifelong learners.

If you’re a homeschooler that has to keep score, know that this multifaceted approach hits many standards at once. If you don’t have to keep score, know that it is based in pragmatism that helps prepare the child for a full life. Each project awakens the natural creativity and capabilities of the individual child.

As the parent and educator, you would see your child grow into their own, build a portfolio that readies them for life, and develops a deeper love of learning. That is so worth it.

In future posts we’ll be going more into PBLs. If you have any questions you want us to cover, drop them in the comments below so we’re sure to answer them.

Take this to the NEXT level

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