Deep Dyve

For those of us that do a lot of research and writing for technical companies, it’s useful to have access to academic journals. However, subscriptions to academic journals cost a small fortune. (Coincidentally, it’s also the reason we try to post all the links to free journals we come across.) How, then, can you elevate your writing to the next level without breaking the bank?

Well, Grace just came across a place called Deep Dyve. It’s sort of like a collection plate for academic journals that you can rent for 5 minutes for free. So, if you just want to check out a paper, you can do that at no cost.

There is also a professional account that you can pay $40/month for, and it will allow you to rent any journal article they have access to for as long as you need it.

The catch is that they don’t have a whole lot in their system. Here’s hoping they do, because this is a really, really nice feature to have. Bonus: you can even install a Firefox addon so when you’re searching Google Scholar or PubMed, it’ll tell you if the article is available in their system. This feature comes with the free account too!

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