How do you know if you’ll get the Big C?

Cancer is a sticky subject. It gets us emotional, strikes fear into our hearts at the mere mention of it, and yet it’s unfairly common. So, how do you know if you’ll get the Big C?

Some would say it’s a crap shoot and there is really know way to be sure. Others, the researchers that is, have studied the signs to understand what’s going on behind the scenes and under the skin to be able to give us a bit of a warning sign.

CancerBioMarkers-MiniInfo (3)

While we made a few attempts to contact the authors of this image for their story and experience, there was no reply. This post will be updated if they ever unearth our emails and want to share their story. 

The infographic above is inspired by the work of a group of such researchers. Cancer researchers (Abouelleil, Bratslavsky, & Bourboulia, 2014) point out that one indicator won’t tell you the whole story, so when seeking answer you should look at the whole book. Compare this with the Gleason Grading System, and you’ve got yourself a tale to tell.

Get your own science infographic.


Abouelleil, M., Bratslavsky, G., & Bourboulia, D. (2014). Prostate Cancer Biomarkers– A Bench to Bedside Perspective. Cancer Sci Res Open Access  , 1(1). [Source]

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