Men, Women and Money: Who is Better at Finances?

If you’re female and you think you’re better with money than your male counterparts, you’re not imagining it (Sorry, boys!). This is according to new data from Fidelity Investments, which indicates females may have the edge when it comes to investing their cash.

Researchers looked at eight million investment accounts to draw their conclusions. They found that not only do women save more money than men (0.4 percent), but their investments earn more annually (also 0.4 percent). Although these percentages seem minor, they can make a big difference in the long-run. Take a 22-year-old with a starting salary of $50,000 per year, for example. A female will outpace her male counterpart by more than $250,000 when it comes time to retire. (Taylor, 2017)

money, cash, dollar“The myth that men are better investors is just that – a myth,” Alexandra Taussig, Fidelity’s senior vice president for women investors, told Reuters.

But why are men worse when it comes to investing?

The researchers believe that men are 35 percent more likely to make trades, meaning that trading fees make a dent in their portfolios. Women also appear to save more money – a full percentage point more, on average – over the course of the year.

Gender and Money Differences

The differences in gender and money don’t stop there, and the advantage doesn’t always go to women. The most classic example is with salary – a 2015 study conducted by Bloomberg found that on average, men made $105,000 annually with a business degree compared to $98,000 for women. (“Men Vs. Women: Investing,” n.d.)

Men win when it comes to student loan balances, too. Within three years, 44 percent of them have their debt paid off. This is compared to just 33 percent of women.

Females slightly have the edge in terms of average credit score, however, totaling 675. This is compared to the 670 that men have.

Making Smart Money Moves

Saving and investing is something everyone can do, regardless of gender. There are a few tricks you can try to improve your financial habits as well.

For example, writing down what you spend money on at the store can help you avoid spur-of-the-moment purchases. The knowledge of having to track it can be enough to eliminate the emotional high you get from making purchases on a whim – no more impulse shopping. (“What Are the Best Ways to Save Money?,” n.d.)

Another way you can use your money wisely is by creating tangible goals for your savings. If you can visualize what you’ll be using your money on in the future, you’ll be more inclined to save, rather than dread, putting aside cash.

It’s these types of little tricks that can make all the difference.


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