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Good news, Insanitekians! Insanitek R&D has finally found a patent company with access to lawyers to buddy up with to help you get your ideas patented. After months and months of calling various companies that do this sort of work with inventors, we finally found one that would allow you to use our affordable services in conjunction with their amazingly talented people. We found Patently Brilliant.

Patently Brilliant has been the first company to listen to what we offer, and tailor their services to fill in the gaps where we are lacking most: affordable lawyer services for filing for patents. We are rather excited about this because as we speak, we’re working out details of how we can get a group discount for you as inventors to have a patent lawyer search for your patent and tell you what sort of patent to file for at a discounted price. Once you are armed with that knowledge, you can make your decision as an independent inventor to continue on or go a different direction. Insanitek, for it’s part, will always provide a support group of mentors, engineers, and technicians that can help you turn your dream into reality.


  1. Igor says:


    CAn you tell me about your experience with them and how much fees came out of your pocket. Up-front fees? Royalties?

    Thank you very much

    • Cat says:

      We actually choose not to go with Patently Brilliant. Their customer service is nice, but they gave us the run around. They kept promising that we could combine our people together to give them a hefty discount that might have been worthwhile. As the time came, they renigged on all the promises that would have drawn us in.

      However, they charge $549 per patent search. That only looks for prior art. Then, they tell you if you have a patent filing case on your hands, and which type of patent you can apply for. To have them file it, it costs over $2000 for the cheapest patent option (which may or may not be the one you need), if I recall correctly. I don’t recall how much the most expensive was, but I know it was well over $10000.

      They want all fees upfront.

      Out of all the patent companies we have come across, it is always this way. Patently Brilliant was the first one that would have worked with our inventors individually, but given them a group discount rate if they had come together — at least that was until they changed their minds. The one good thing I can say about them is that they are cheaper than all the other patent companies we’ve talked to (and I think we’ve talked to most of them by now).

      I know that the board and myself have chosen to hire a patent lawyer and do a bunch of DIY patent searches and filing webinars. This is still in progress as we’re making sure we have the most up to date info on how to do-it-yourself. It will save our inventors money, give them a little more pride in what they do, and the ability to say, “I did it myself.”

      I hope this helps you make the right decision for you.

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