Patently Ridiculous by Richard Ross [book review]

Patently RidiculousPatently Ridiculous by Richard Ross

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book is short collection of wacky inventions that passed the through the patent office. All descriptions come with a minimum of an abstract and a diagram. Some come with more diagrams and descriptions. Sometimes they are clear as to what the item is supposed to do, and other times they are not. All of the examples, though, range from the crazy to the slightly less crazy.

I particularly like the “sock with a pocket”. It looks like someone literally sewed a small pouch onto a sock. It would be great for running. . . And, actually, I have seen people that stick things in their socks that could probably benefit from a pocket.

Another amazing invention is the condom shoved into a walnut after the nut meat has been drilled out. I’m still not sure what it really does, but it sounds intriguing enough to make me both laugh and consider it’s potential.

There are plenty of crazy inventions in here, and well worth a browse if you find it at your library. Unless you are into inventions, it may not be worth buying. We have a copy at Insanitek so our independent inventors can get a good idea of what can be patented even though it’s ridiculous by any conventional terms.

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