The productivity power of Zapier

If a day doesn’t go by that you’re trying to get as much done as possible, yet still retain your sanity, then you’re probably still not in the business mind frame. You know the one where you have a giant list of things you want to do, a slightly smaller list of things you have to do, and a very short list of things that you’re likely to do. And if you’re like most of the first world, you also use technology to help you get things done.

What if you could automate the web to do your bidding for you? Would you consider it a superpower? We do. And Zapier is what gives us this superpower.

Zapier is a wonderful productivity tool that connects websites through their APIs so you can get work done faster. There are literally hundreds — and possibly thousands– of permutations of things you can do between tasks and sites. For instance, I use Asana and WordPress. I set a zap to start a WordPress entry every time I list a task in a certain place of Asana so the blog post is already started with the idea I had.

There are dozens of sites already using Zapier so you can do thousands of things. Start something in Basecamp with your team, but want a Google Document for that? Yep. Appointlet to automatically set your calendar? That can be done. You’re only limited by your imagination because the engineers are working fast to add more and more APIs every day. Most of the APIs are freely open, so no permission is needed, the engineers just need time to create the bridge between the two.

In fact, Wade Foster, the co-founder of Zapier raves about open APIs:

A few years ago it would have been impossible to build Zapier. Now because most web companies are open to opening up. Now we have APIs that make it great for developers to build amazing applications on.

So, what inspired Zapier? Wade notes, “We’d seen lots knowledge workers struggling to get their tools to work for them. Most of them we’re strong at using web apps, but couldn’t get them to work together because they didn’t know APIs or how to program. Zapier was our solution to helping those people connect those tools.”

Well, I’m just one of the many that are very, very grateful for their services. I don’t think my lists would survive my ADHD without it.

The Zapier team likes to use Campfire among others. I like Asana, ClickMeeting, WordPress, and others. What do you like, and how will you use Zapier to improve your productivity?

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