Tim Hoffer on surviving and moving on as an advocate

Editor’s note: This is the the fourth story from a brain injury survivor and the first advocate. To read more personal stories, please visit the index.

My name is Tim and I am a survivor of a traumatic brain injury. I suffered a TBI in 2006 due to blunt force to my head from a fall. Emergency surgery was required to save my life. Although the injury I suffered should have taken my life, I believe God had plans for me to live. After my injury I spent nearly two months at the hospital in recovery prior to attending outpatient therapy for TBI patients.

A very critical part of my recovery was time spent in an outpatient therapy clinic two and a half hours from home. I faced many neurological challenges which I needed to deal with in order to get back to the life I had prior to my injury. I was analyzed to see what deficiencies I needed to treat in order to get back home and be the person I was. The challenges I faced included but were not limited to mental awareness, mental flexibility, executive functions for planning and scheduling. In addition I have had to face the challenge of a vision loss in both eyes called a left field cut. Therapy was very important to my recovery in providing the skills I needed to work with the effects of my TBI.

I was in therapy for nearly five months prior to returning home. With the skills and treatment I received at therapy I have been able to go back to work and function back into society. I am not always able to do things as I would like but when I’m able to focus on my therapy lessons I find a way to get through my day.

I realize that I will never be quite the same as I was before, but working in therapy has done a lot to help me get back to my family and job. I am actively involved in brain injury support groups and visit my therapy unit on occasions. I am aware enough now to see how therapy does help those recovering from TBI. Also, I see how those suffering from TBI and have not had the access to the therapy that I received are still living with a deficit that could or can still be addressed with this type of therapy.

I mentioned earlier that I believe that God had plans for me to live. Part of those plans included recovery through therapy. I did survive from my injury and I continue to live with my TBI. However, the lifestyle I have today is greatly due to having the therapy I received. I am very grateful for the therapy work I had and wish that those others who I share TBI with can have the same. I am a witness to the opportunities one with TBI can achieve with therapy and the opportunities lost to those who don’t have that experience.

A life with TBI is very difficult. But with faith, hope, courage and the love of family and friends one has the foundation to a successful recovery. Access and use of therapy is a great tool to go along with these things and can allow a TBI patient to strive to live a life of fun, fulfillment and satisfaction.

— Tim Hoffer

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