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An Interview with Sally Thomson, Author of ‘Reservations’

book, books, reading, giveawayAuthor Sally Thomson successfully delivered everything readers were looking for in “Reservations,” the second book in a fiction trilogy featuring the lovable Meagan Williams and her on-again off-again beau, Jack Stilwell. With just as much romance as suspense, the book takes Meagan on a whirlwind of adventures with her closest friends, and even the FBI. We had an opportunity to speak to Thomson about “Reservations,” as well as what’s next for her beloved characters.

Q: I read that you’re a teacher — Did any other parts of the book mirror your real life?

A: “Really the only similarity to my life is the fact that Meagan and I are both teachers. It’s more that I live vicariously through her; it’s fun to imagine meeting a handsome, mysterious man and to be caught up in a dangerous situation involving him.”

Q: What type of reader would best enjoy this book?

A: “I think a romance reader will enjoy the book, especially if they also read the first book. The pervasive theme through both books – and the upcoming third one – is the romance between Meagan and Jack and whether they have a future together. Meagan has to decide if she can stay with a man who, while he is handsome, protective, and deeply committed to seeing justice served, can also choose to be dishonest and sometimes even ruthless. Jack has to ultimately choose between his old life and the woman he loves.”

Q: “Needless to say, the second half of the book was very thrilling (with the kidnapping, FBI secrecy, etc.). What was your inspiration for these scenes? For example, did you pull from particular movies or other books you’ve read?

A: “I enjoy reading thrillers, crime novels, as well as romance, and watch the same. I can’t point to one particular book or movie, but I’m sure they influenced the more suspenseful parts of the story.”

Q: What part of the book did you struggle with the most while writing?

A: “For me, the transition parts – getting the characters from one scene to the next – is the hardest part for me; and the one where I do the most revision. Action or suspense scenes, romance scenes are fun and usually the first parts that I write. Then I have to go back and connect them all to make a smooth story.”

Q: What inspired the title of this book (and the previous book)?

A: “My husband came up with both titles, and he’s working on one for the third book. He’s my go-to guy for titles for my books!”

Q: “If you were to write an epilogue, how would Meagan and Jack’s relationship pan out? How about Nick and Cindy?

A: “I am working on a third in the series and plan to debut it by the end of the year. This will be the final book in this series, so we will find out if Meagan and Jack can make their life together work. Cindy and Nick have larger roles in this story, so we’ll find out if they have a future together.”

Q: What advice do you have to aspiring writers who might be working on books of their own?

A: “My advice to aspiring writers is to write. Make yourself a goal, whether it be a certain number of words, a certain amount of time, or a certain number of pages, and stick to it. The most important thing to do is to write. And read. Read everything you can, both in the genre you want to write in and anything else that strikes your fancy. Don’t give up!”

You can find out more about Sally Thomson on her website, and you can find her books on Amazon!

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