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July 2 is World UFO Day!

ufo, ufos, aliens, scienceDid you know that World UFO Day is July 2? Before you get your tin foil hat on, it’s worth taking a moment to dive deep into the history of this event. It’s more than just a holiday for sky watchers, supposed abductees and otherworldly beings.

What is World UFO Day?
World UFO Day, which is celebrated on July 2, was originally created back in 2001. UFO Researcher Haktan Akodgan is the man behind the big day, and don’t tell him it isn’t worth the hype. Today, UFOs have become mainstream, but in a good way – your conspiracy theory-loving friend is no longer looked at with an awkward glance.

For this reason, World UFO Day celebrates everything regarding Unidentified Flying Objects, ranging from their sightings to their mingling with the world’s top governments. It’s also worth noting that World UFO Day was created to encourage those very governments to declassify any knowledge they have of sightings throughout history.

It’s a tall order, but we can only hope. There are still many people who are starving for information on everything from the incidents in Rendlesham Forest to Roswell.

How to Celebrate
World UFO Day is celebrated around the globe, meaning it’s hard to miss. That being said, you might not hear about many World UFO Day celebrations happening in your own neighborhood. For this reason, the official World UFO Day website put out a briefing in 2012 to give you some ideas for celebrating.

  • These days, the Internet has made it easy to create get-togethers in your very own neighborhood. Of course, there’s always social networks (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) for hosting events, too. Websites, like Meetup, can potentially help you find others in your local area who share an interest in UFOs.
  • Host a Party. If you have friends who also love UFOs, why not throw a themed party? Even better, a UFO-themed party could give you an opportunity to open the minds of friends who may be uninformed on all things extraterrestrial.
  • Give a Book Presentation. The World UFO Day website promotes its own “UFOs Disclosed: Undeniable Proof” guidebook as an item you can use, but there are several books out there on UFOs that make for a worthy presentation.

Whether you’re a fan of UFOs or you’re simply interested on what’s out there in the universe, World UFO Day is the perfect reason to explore this paranormal interest.


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