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Potential Pros of Homeschooling on Health

Sneeze, Pros of Homeschooling on physical health, pros of homeschooling on mental healthIn a previous post we looked at the potential cons of homeschool on health. This was so we could prepare anyone for the less than shiny parts of the homeschool life. But, you gotta have balance ─ life isn’t doom and gloom, it’s a balance between good and the not so good.

That’s right, nothing is so bad that you can’t deal with it. So let’s focus on those good parts of homeschooling on health.

Physical concerns

Honestly, homeschooled kids have just as many exposures to germs as any other kid. And that’s a good thing! It builds a nice, robust immune system. The next best thing to building a tough immune system is being able to take it easy, stress free when your child does come down with an illness.

The best part? Because a homeschool kid gets to build up their immune system slowly, it means that when actually becomes an if. We’ve worked with dozens of homeschoolers here in Indiana, and of those dozens of families, on average a child might get ill once every three years. (We get ill more often than they do.)

Mental concerns

This is where homeschool really shines. It’s so much easier to work with the quirks of individual people. Every quirk can be attended to with kindness and consideration. This goes for both small things like learning disorders and big things like a psychosis. In a public system, but at home special needs children can get the extra consideration they need.

It might take more resources for serious conditions (like multiple personalities and schizophrenia), but it can still be done. Everyone in the family needs to pull together in these cases, but adversity builds a tougher family with stronger ties.

This isn’t to say that homeschooling kids makes it easy to deal with health issues. Although it can be trying to be with children with special needs day in and day out, there’s a lot of positive aspects of homeschooling on the health. It all lies in the possibilities and variables you can control with the help of family, friends, tutors, and professionals as necessary.

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