Stop dreaming, start doing

Every so often you pick up a self-leadership book that goes beyond good advice to solid advice that is so actionable that you want to put down the book and start making a difference in your life. Andrew McDonald wrote one of these books, and now he’s looking to pay it forward by giving 1,000 copies to disadvantaged schools for the students to start making a difference in their own lives.

The book is called Possess Your Success, and the campaign to change a few lives is on IndieGoGo. This opportunity is a tangible way to start making the world a little brighter for more than just one person, so I sat down with the man behind this epic vision.

Andrew, like many, started off his journey by simultaneously knowing he wanted to write a book, but also being curious about what makes certain people, like his inspirations Elon Musk, Oprah, and his mother, successful. He noticed the root of success came from three things,

“All the successful people had certain characteristics, or things, in common. It boils down to three things: Think it. Speak it. Do it.”

This revelation came about in 2014 after Andrew read a self-efficacy study by Thompson and Musket on the success of people after they had been primed for belief in themselves and their abilities versus not being primed at all. Turns out that the people in the study that were most successful were the ones that were primed to believe that they could achieve anything that they wanted, regardless of limiting beliefs.

“Limited world view or not, when the person was primed for success, they succeeded!”

As Andrew pointed out, people know the value of self-affirmations, thinking positively, and taking action steps. Where they seem to get stuck is putting the how and the why together. That’s where Possess Your Success comes in. Andrew strives to help the reader go from the thinking, through the speaking, and into the doing in a way that is so simple it seems like procrastinating out of uncertainty is finally not necessary.

Andrew’s vision for the Possess Your Success is astoundingly selfless.

“My vision is to see people take this book, read it, understand the concepts, and apply it to their lives to break any of those self-doubts or the limits that they place on themselves to achieve success consistently and limitlessly.”

Speaking at the schools allows him to show the kids that receive the books that the name on the book is a person. It makes the book real and inspires them to read the book and apply it in their lives.

Andrew wants you to leave this post with the following thought:

“Your life does not have to be limited by your current circumstances. You have the power and ability to chase anything in your life. It just takes a willingness, dedication, and understanding of how to get there. It may be difficult depending on what level of success you want to achieve or the amount of fight you have to have. It may be very challenging for you. But, at the end of the day it will determine how far you will go in life.”

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